Sunday, January 31, 2010

Toilet Paper Tube Tag Album of Wishbone

I was watching a video from my friend Mary over at Cardztv the other day about how she turned a toilet paper tube into a mini album. I love how she showed the viewers the Sweet Treats Cricut Cartridge how to make some pull out tags to display some tags. Yoy can also use TBB&M if you have it. I can only say this to you hop over there and you'll see why she is amazing. She is so talented. I wanted to give it a try. And here is what I made. My book is about our family dog, Wishbone. she is very special his adoption anniversary is coming up on April 2. My husband thought I was playing a joke the year I told him I announced i was getting him a dog, but it wasn't a joke. thanks, so very much Mary for teaching us the lesson of this album it really is a fun one to make.


  1. Oh Ginny! How cute is this!!! You did a fantastic job...The cover is adorable, and I loved seeing photos of Wishbone! Give him a pat and a hug from me! TFS my friend!

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