Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Keyring and Paw Print Charm made from Bottle Top

* The bottle Top on the Left is a one inch top and has a letter V for my friend and is a Keyring, I added some Blue and Crystal beads and a Charm that has a keyhole in it as a decoration.

* The Right Bottle Top is 1/2 inch and is from a piece of scrap paper and is made with Czech beads from a local shop where I live and a charm that reads made with Love in a heart shape from Jo Ann's Blue Moon collection the cad it is on is embossed with a doggies from a Cuttle Bug mini folder holding a Balloon.

:) My daughter and I are looking to make these items to try and sell to raise money for her up and coming years at College! She is currently a Junior in High School and is in a Nursing Assistant Class and wants to advance higher!

Thank you very kindly for advice if you have any kind any!

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