Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My PVC ribbon holder

I realized I was starting to buy ribbons in a few of the same colors I already that was until I realized what the  problem is I couldn't reach the original collection of ribbons I had, some of my ribbons were in a plastic tote until it cracked, so I decided to make a stronger holder I could put my entire collection of spools on without breaking it or  the bank! I love making stuff from PVC and though this one was a bit tougher than most I build It functions! I will be adding some caps on the feet soon, I did glue the majority of the structure and left one corner unglued, ( the one just above the last yellow one on the top so I could lay it on it's side and take off the spools that are empty or for replacement, not that I need anymore right now, however there is room for one more row!

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