Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A few more ears and some Keepsake Bears (up cycled)

The stars is from Bandana
the left ears are from a baby receiving blanket
the right light oink from a baby pants
the lower is Eyoree and Pooh, Tigger is from a scrub top
this Minnie headband is from a scrub top
Mickey scrub top into ears, bow is from .97 fat quarter
These are from Simplicity Pattern A2115It's Sew Easy, from Walmart , the bears in back are from 2 mens shirts, front row L is from toddler girl dress , the 2 center are walmart .97 fat Quarters, center R, is from a ladies top my mom gave me . My bears do not have safety eyes or noses incase a family pet or small child was to handle it!
This Dental print bear went to my Daughter's Dentist, Its made from a scrub too, this is before we stuffed it.
These are my Jessie Toy Story ears, Bandana and Spots, <3 p="">
Hi this is Zoey, adopted her in 2015, she is adorable, a Black Mouth Mountain Cur/ beagle.

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