Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday countdown "Christmas in The Forest" Animals Paper from Craft Junkie Too Boo Log Party

This post is to to again thank my friend Tracy aka Craft Junkie Too! I Love, Love, Love my Paper Pack you sent me, and so do my friends who come to scrap with me we share our stuff and social and I showed them this awesome pack and they went nuts over it! *Here is what I did to make my project... For this project... You can get 2 Holiday Countdowns from this 1 36 count container. I found a container of 36 mini favor in the bridal section at Michael's priced at $ 19.99. I of course had a coupon for 50% off. It cost me $10.00 for this pkg. Not so bad for the start of these two projects. The box bases and lid rings are metal and lid is acrylic which just pops out (you need to keep this part) I used this as a guide to see which punch fit the best I used a circle punch over the top of the selected pieces of paper (this is the hard part deciding which paper to use) because most paper out there is so cute these days, anyways, and the "plastic" like acrylic will protect the paper after it is put together. I also found that it was easier to run the punched paper through a 2.5 Xyron than to use red terrifically tacky tape or a glue stick or any other product out there. The Xyron does not show through the acrylic! The next thing you need is to make 2 of the countdowns is in the floral section is a Floral ring it is plain paper brown and cost $ 2.99- 3.50 depend where you get it!, it was just large enough to put the 12x12 paper over it! I painted mine white with Apple barrel craft paint on both sides. you can put some bows on the top of the containers ( use thin ribbon) to match, a picture hanger hook place on back. A few 12x12 different scrapbook papers sheet of scrapbook paper of choice, mine I received from TRACY at from her Boo Log Party on Halloween day. That was a awesome party. Hi Tracy!


  1. What a cute idea Ginny! Thanks for giving us the instructions! It really turned out nice, didn't it?
    Merry Christmas!

  2. This is adorable ~ I am sooooo happy you found such a wonderful project to show case it. It is super! Thanks so much Ginny!



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