Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I had a special visit from Trish to collect a package for little Madison

On Sunday October 31, My daughters Cheerleading team was doing a car wash to raise money to go to Orlando for Cheer Regional, they placed 2nd in cheer off at Germain Arena, My Daughter Gabby and I was able to meet Trish form " TeqniquesbyTrish". After seeing her post to collect cards and items to help the family for little Madison that Trish's PO Box is near where I live, so I asked her if I could meet her to pick up
the items that my kids and I put together for Madison. My dear daughters purchased two little beanie type dogs for Madison and when I told this to Trish this in an email she asked me if they were real ones, LOL, we laughed about that! My She was so sweet to meet me and came with her precious Schnoodle Gem! So cute:) My heart goes out to her for doing this for Madison. Thank you Trish I enjoyed meeting you, please tell your husband Thank you for all he does too!

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  1. thanks again ginny to you and your daughter for contributing! It was nice to meet you too!


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