Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I want to share so, we thing we think is funny!

I needed to take Gabby and Tom to the Endocrinologist last week, it is in Fort Myers, a little over an hour drive for us to get to the doctors and on the way back from the visit I said to the kids, lets stop at the Shell Factory, it is in the Northern part of the city, pretty much in no-man's land... While walking around I told the kids " would't it be funny if we came home with the crabs!" we got 2, plus a medium tank, all the sand and food, so while walking around we were getting some them, a book on shells, a hand carved bookmark for Connor for having good grades, so Wow! I wonder how long it will take for your him to notice them," Well today is one week later he hasn't said anything... I'll let ya'll know how long it took...


  1. I have crabs in my class and love them. Do your crabs eat a lot? Mine barely eat a thing!

  2. So very funny hehe! how long until he did find out,


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