Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Something new and to say sorry for not posting in a while!

                                        Travel Tissue Packs covers w/ liners
                                 Felt cupcake pin cushions,covered with childrens sock!
                                 Plastic bag sacksmade from a 1/4 yard fabric and elastic
Sorry to my blog followers, I have been home with the bear cubs home over the summer. Two of my cubs did Virtual School during the school year and one is a brick and mortar, my oldest daughter who has Autisim was able to go to summer school on Monday though Thursday but that was over July 20. This next school year will be different, however, my girls will be at two seperat schools and my son will remail in the Virtual School.
Anyhoo, Here are a few things I was able to complete during "my time ", I have the travel pack tissue holders, felt pin cupcake to hold sewing pins, and plastic bag holders. I have made a variety of each for friends and family just to see what they thought!  :-) yeah!!!

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